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Frequently Asked Questions

We mostly provide translation, proofreading and localization services. We also provide transcreation services when that's necessary.

As a rule of thumb, most translators translate into their mother language. We are no exception. Indeed, translating requires an in-depth knowledge of the target language in order to be performed properly. As a result, we translate from English and Chinese into French.

Please visit our pricing section to get a ballpark figure. However, please note that these rates are for indicative purposes only and might be subject to change. Each project being different, the complexities of the translations is sure to vary quite a bit and some additional data might be required to make a proper quote. Consequently, there is no definite answer about the rates applied to the services we provide, because they depend on the projects.

As previously mentioned, the delivery deadlines will depend on the project. We will discuss it further with you.

You can pay us via bank transfers only. We do not use Paypal or have any Wechat or Alipay account for the time being, so we won't accept any payment from such accounts.

Please fill in the form located in the contact section. Our project manager will be in touch with you asap.

By clicking here and filling in the form to let us know about your translation or website localization project. Please provide us with as many details as possible.

That being the case, please drop us a line at We will answer you as soon as possible.