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Professional work at the best price.


Before you send me your documents for a quote, I can sign a confidentiality agreement and email it to you, upon simple request.

I am exempt from paying VAT and it will not be applied to you. As a result, my prices are net and without tax. However, please bear in mind that the rates mentionned below are for indicative purposes only and might be subject to change depending on the complexity of the projects.


Chinese --> French : €0.09 / character

English --> French : €0.09 / word

We translate from English and Chinese (Mandarin) into French. We translate into French in order to ensure the highest degree of quality. Indeed, professional translators translate into their native language, so that they can render the message of the original text with appropriate style, terminology and respect typographic rules. The rates listed here may be increased by 10% to 50 % depending on the complexity of the documents (complex software or specific frame, nature of the text...etc) and raised by 25% to 50% if an urgent translation is needed (according to the type of emergency). For translation requests necessitating more than 3 pages, we may request a deposit, especially if that's the first time we work together. Thus, feel free to contact us in order to get a free quote for your translation needs. For each translation, the invoice and quote will be done according to the number of words that are in the source document.


We also perform proofreading work. Mistakes happen and we may discover there are some oversights in an article you or your client have just translated.

We pay attention to the spelling, the accuracy and the structure of the sentences used in translations, and add our own expertise to it, for you to gain fluency in the target language.

Asking the help of a professional in today's world is essential, indeed. Especially if you're not sure whether the translation you have just received was done via free online tools or not. Context is key, and we have a keen eye for detail.

Chinese --> French : €0.45 / character

English --> French : €0.45 / word

Minimum charges

With respect to translations, please note that we will charge at least one page even if your text is shorter. We consider that a typical page consists of 375 words. Therefore, for English and Chinese translations, the minimum rate per page amounts to €34.