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Who is the founder of DMC Translations?

About me

Mathieu Domec

The creation of DMC Translations

DMC Translations was born out of an attempt to create value for my customers, whether they be translation agencies or private customers. After freelancing for a while, I came to meet people who claimed to be professional translators, whereas they either lacked the skills, the necessary training, or else, the passion to ply that trade. This sometimes led me to proofread content, which, needless to say, was all but proofreadable, and had to be translated all over again. Such business practices reflected badly on the image of my occupation and it had to change. Further down that lonely road of a freelancer, I then realised it was high time I took steps in order to raise awareness among my peers, as regards the translation industry, and share some idioms I knew.

That's how the idea my blog I love translating was born.
As a result, I decided to start posting some articles on my blog. At the same time, I also took to creating personal cards for Instagram, in order to share idioms in English, French, Spanish and Chinese. I also created cards for Chinese expressions translated in French, I started sharing my cards on other platforms, such as Linkedin. At first, my plan was to be able to create small cards to help people review idioms and get to know some different equivalences or variations. But as I shared my posts, I received a lot of positive feedback from the professionals in Linkedin, and such reactions really kept me going.

Even though the ultimate goal was to bring value to my peers, and share knowledge, I learnt a great deal from it and it was a success! I soon came to realise that there is nothing more fruitful than collaboration among translators and interpreters.

That's when it dawned on me. Rather than just being a freelance translator, I decided to try to surround myself with true professionals and hopefully build a community to help spread good translation practices as much as possible. DMC Translations is not only a language service provider but also a place where translators are free to help each other with the aim of benefiting the industry in the long term! In computer science, there are a lot of good practices, and much is emphasized on it. Why not do it for the translation industry? When do we start?

Hope you will join me in this adventure and help me build a community of reliable translators, enabling us, language professionals, to make headway together.

The things I do

Other than running a blog on the translation industry and Chinese culture, I have a keen interest in traditional Chinese culture, such as Taoism and martial arts. Therefore, any translation related to taoism, religion or art is of great interest to me.

As I have mentioned above, I have 2 instagram accounts.
One is dedicated to idioms and their equivalences in four languages, and the other is about Chinese and French expressions: @daily_idioms_ and @chinoisfrancais.

That aside, I am interested in computer science, FOSS (free and open source software), Linux OS and I know how to code. I used to be a front-end web developer. As a result, I embedded and localized many websites, and I am quite familiar with some CMS, such as Wordpress, Magento or even Bolt CMS. Besides, I created this website from scratch and designed the theme of my Wordpress blog.

When I am not translating or studying languages, I am probably coding to improve my website, running my blog, reading, practicing Qi Gong (气功), or playing music. I've been playing guitar for more than 20 years and I write songs too.
Therefore, I also have a youtube channel where I upload some songs of mine.

Feel free to visit my blog, my instagram accounts and my youtube channel, and drop me a line anytime!